Friday, February 10, 2017

7 Secrets of People Who Don't Get Sick

    It is the time of the year again. But there are those people who never seem to get sick. What is their "secret"?

7 Secrets of People who do not get sick

    7 Tips to Stay Healthy

    1. Help your mucous membranes

    This time of the year is challenging for our mucous membranes. Irritated by cold and dry air, it is easier for germs to penetrate. Cigarettes smoke and alcohol pose additional stresses.

    Ideally, you have at least two alcohol-free days per week and enjoy your drinks in moderation on the other days.

    A humidifier can help to enhance the air quality during the cold time of the year. 

    2. Hygiene

    Wash your hands regularly with water and soap. Many germs are transmitted by smear infection. If you cannot wash your hands for a while, refrain from touching your face. Germs travel from door handles to your hands.

    Sanitizer is not necessary and furthermore counterproductive.

    3. Exercise in moderation

    Make sure you exercise enough, but only if you feel good. If you have a cold already, exercise would put an additional burden on your immune system.

    Enjoying a walk in the fresh air on a regular basis helps your mental well-being as well.

    4. Public Enemy Stress

    While short-term stress can help us to peak performance, constant pressure is detrimental to our immune system. 

    Why? The body produces the stress hormone cortisol, that suppresses the immune system, basically telling it to stop "fighting". 

    5. Balanced nutrition

    A nutrition reach and balanced diet help support the immune system. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins provide essential vitamins and mineral nutrients to the body. New research shows that the microbiome of the gut plays an important role in staying healthy.

    If making changes to your nutrition seems difficult to you - HERE is the only training I recommend. 

    6. Sleep enough

    Who feels tired and weak during the day should try to get more sleep. "Sleep has a huge impact on your immune system", says Natalie Riddel of "British Society for Immunology".

    The 8-hour-rule is out-of-date if you feel fit and well rested, you had enough sleep. 

    7. Loneliness

    Loneliness can make us sick too. We spend more and more time with our virtual connections, but these encounters do not have the same quality as in-person contacts. Experts recommend to leave the house and mingle with real people.

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