Monday, February 13, 2017

5 Valentine Survival Ideas For Singles

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About 50.2 percent are Single

About 50 percent of adults in the US are Single. If you are reading this you are probably one of them.

Being alone on February 14th does not have to be a catastrophe, just like on any other day, as long as you do not believe that you can only find happiness in a relationship.

If you focus on the negatives you will lose awareness of the positive sides of being Single.

Consider what you have achieved in your life, for which friends and acquaintances or family members you are grateful.

Best V-day Survival Tips for Singles

1. Turn it around

If you hate being Single you could consider that today might actually be your lucky day.

Instead of stressing out about what you don´t have you could think about people who feel the same.

And that is where you come in: Reach out to a fellow Single and you will discover that V-day is the perfect day for dating and that the flirt factor is very high and positive on this special day.

We´re all looking for love and connection.

2. Anti-V-day

Or maybe you are Single but you consider V-day solely a party for retailers. The ugly face of capitalism.

It could be that the cute hearts are going on your nerves and maybe you don´t even like chocolate.

Instead of a romantic comedy why not watch a horror movie? Write a few anti-V-day cards and laugh until you cry or check your neighborhood for anti-V-day parties. There are many.

As mentioned in 1. IF you are looking to meet someone - this could be your day. Just consider how easy it will be to bond over your shared contempt for V-day.

3. Time to Relax

Are you glad when this day is finally over? Relax! Prescribe yourself a bit of stillness and relaxation. A long foam bath, a massage, a day at the spa, a long meditation session - you will see that the day is going to fly by and instead of being blue you will replenish and charge your battery.

Tip No. 5 provides you with everything you need to turn a sad day into an empowering day!

4. Gratitude Cards

Why not write loving cards to friends? (Per hand, and on paper!)? Or to people you know feel lonely on V-day?

You don´t have to have sex with someone to have a reason for showing your appreciation (actually, I am not sure how much percent of married people ... um, let´s not go there (:  ).

Expressing your gratitude and sending good vibes to someone else will not only backfire in the most positive way - the people who receive your cards will be happy and thankful.

Making someone else feel good makes us feel good about ourselves. Win:Win.

And last but certainly not least:

5. Love yourself

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