Thursday, March 9, 2017

Three reasons to be grateful to Trump

Thank you, Mr. Trump - 7 Week Review

It is unnecessary to share my political view. I am a social skills coach. And even though I am a US citizen, I spent 8/9 of my life as a guest in Germany. Need I say more?

Please understand that the statement below expresses a personal, biased, subjective opinion. It takes courage these days to share your opinion. Troll bots, data collection, hateful commentators and potential loss of business can be pretty intimidating.

There is a time to be compliant and careful and there is a time to stand up for your beliefs.

Three Reasons To Be Grateful To Trump

Freedom and Brutality

It's not just since seven weeks. Piece by piece, latest since 9/11 we give away our right to privacy and freedom.

We did not speak up. We are so used to freedom we stopped seeing its beauty and importance. Sometimes you have to lose something or be in danger of losing it to value it.

Another factor is that the pieces we lost seemed little, and we were too numb to rebel.

For years now, our society is brutalizing. Few seemed to care. Fake news, vulgarity and hate speech became socially accepted. Words have power. They change our brain. Just say "love" 20 times in a row and see how it makes you feel. The same is true for "hate".

We care again. We are resisting. That is a good thing.

Journalism and Compliance

Journalism rendered itself more or less obsolete during the last years. Again: Opinion. Most major media (there are exceptions!) seemed to be interested in entertaining and ad revenue more than in educating us about what is going on in the world.

Some outlets even attempted to manipulate us instead of educating us and enabling us to form our own opinion. (Hello, Fox News, how are you today?)

I am exaggerating. Perhaps.

It seems like someone poured new life into journalists. Suddenly they became as edgy and important as they should be. Not shy to touch controversial topics or take a stand.

When government agencies/national parks received a muzzle, 40 unofficial twitter accounts were created by government workers in no time. They are 65 now. If you feel that government agencies should be able to provide truthful information, spread this list HERE

Discussion and Solidarity

Injustice, income difference are not news. The decline might have slowed down under Obama, but it never stopped. Many perceived the last election as "choice between two evils". Did we not care enough or stop believing that we can create change?

Something that always fascinated me about many intellectuals and liberal people is that they never seem to agree. Why can we never agree?

Generally, hateful groupings who share the same belief are better at solidarism and focusing their power towards their goal - as opposed to internal discussions and arguments. We are often unable to even agree on a goal. Do we have bigger-than-life egos?

Until seven weeks ago it was hard to find a political post by a liberal/democrat/humanist that did not receive as much headwind from the "left" as from the "right".

Now we stand together. 
Now we stopped arguing. 
Now we join forces and see the bigger picture. 

Thank you, Mr. Trump,
for being so out of line you created the amount of
pain we needed to change!

What now?

I guess everyone is tired of reading yet another horrendous Trump story.

Now is the chance to make a change.
Now is the chance to make a difference.
Now is the time to resist and stay passionate and awake.
Now democracy and the basic American values are under attack.

It is a challenging time for the US. It is also a time with a lot of opportunity for positive change.

Like it or not, comparison to Nazi Germany is not as far-fetched as you might think. When Hitler came to power, "I will kill 11 Million people" (6 M Jews and 5 M other people) was not part of his campaign.

He came to power in an economic crisis. You could say as an avenger of the poor and common people. One of the first things he did was taking control of the media.

Does that sound comparison sound crazy to you? Yes? How did it sound when you first heard Trump is running?

Only this time we do speak up.

Arrogance might be our enemy no. 1. 

And I am as guilty of arrogance as the next person. I do not watch television, I spend my time with positive clients and positive people, I am not active on Reddit or Facebook and disconnect from the few negative posters on LinkedIn.

Even when I deal with VP of Sales with Mike Bosworth, I am around constructive and productive people.

While I lived in my bubble of positivity and discussed the latest scientific findings or interacted with an interesting article or well-educated person, I missed that the world had changed. It was painful to admit that I was guilty of arrogance and even ignorance. I embrace this painful realization as a chance for growth.

I deleted the Kool-Aid picture I used to make fun of Trump's campaign and will become a better person. A person that tries to help people in fear rather than avoiding them.

The time to act is now

The danger is that people adapt. They get used to negative situations, war, injustice and even violence.

Well, I won't. And I hope you won't either.

Progress is not a linear process. Neither is evolution. We took three steps backward and now we will make a jump forward.

To peaceful, respectful resistance!

Love & Light,


Recommended Article: When Words Become Weapons / How To Spot Manipulation

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why tomatoes have no taste anymore

It felt just right. Delicious looking is the warm red skin and the scent of tomato tickles my nose. I rest my finger and press it gently. Yes, it feels just right. Not too hard, not too mushy.

Why tomatoes have no taste anymoreWhen I was young, I used to bite a whole in the tomato and then suck the liquid and pulp out. I might still do but you will never know for I would not admit it.

So I took the initial bite. Dug the whole that shall lead me to the source. To the sweet, sour, tomatoey insides that smelled and felt just right.

I tasted nothing. I felt that I was chewing on something that changed its consistency while I was eating it. But it tasted nothing like tomato or anything else for that matter. It was not the first time in the last years and it will not be the last.

A week ago I purchased a multicolored "gourmet" pack of tomatoes. Five different varieties. I thought at least one or two types will taste nice. But then it tasted only bitter for the gourmet price I paid for tomatoes of different colors that were united in tastelessness.

What is wrong with our tomatoes?

Those around my age probably still remember the taste of a tomato.

Is it just nostalgia ("this used to be made from wood") or did tomatoes change?

Maybe you live in a warm place or you had the chance to pick a tomato from the vine while you were on vacation. I remember how they were bursting with aroma.

Tracing it down

An international team of researchers investigated this topic at the University of Valencia. And they found the answer.

Our modern tomato has nothing to do with the tomatoes we used to know. The genes of the plant changed - and therefore the taste.

The researchers analyzed 400 different varieties. Laboratory tests confirmed that the industrial tomatoes we buy in supermarkets have lost genes that were responsible for the delicious taste.

This is why tomatoes taste like nothing

The genes responsible for increasing the amount of sugar in the pulp are gone. Farmers wanted smaller plants they can harvest easier. While removing one gene, the other was removed too.

Antonio Granell, Professor at Valencia's Institute for molecular biology says: "In modern varieties, 13 flavorings are contained in a much lesser degree." The result: Tomatoes have less or no taste.

Bringing back the taste

Researchers attempt to bring back the taste to tomatoes and are in the process of identifying individual genes that are responsible for the flavoring. "We want to reinstate the genes contained in wild tomatoes", said Granell.

Years will pass until the new/old tomatoes will hit the supermarket shelves. Until then: Why not going the organic route?

Monday, February 13, 2017

5 Valentine Survival Ideas For Singles

Aurorasa Coaching Brain Entrainment

About 50.2 percent are Single

About 50 percent of adults in the US are Single. If you are reading this you are probably one of them.

Being alone on February 14th does not have to be a catastrophe, just like on any other day, as long as you do not believe that you can only find happiness in a relationship.

If you focus on the negatives you will lose awareness of the positive sides of being Single.

Consider what you have achieved in your life, for which friends and acquaintances or family members you are grateful.

Best V-day Survival Tips for Singles

1. Turn it around

If you hate being Single you could consider that today might actually be your lucky day.

Instead of stressing out about what you don´t have you could think about people who feel the same.

And that is where you come in: Reach out to a fellow Single and you will discover that V-day is the perfect day for dating and that the flirt factor is very high and positive on this special day.

We´re all looking for love and connection.

2. Anti-V-day

Or maybe you are Single but you consider V-day solely a party for retailers. The ugly face of capitalism.

It could be that the cute hearts are going on your nerves and maybe you don´t even like chocolate.

Instead of a romantic comedy why not watch a horror movie? Write a few anti-V-day cards and laugh until you cry or check your neighborhood for anti-V-day parties. There are many.

As mentioned in 1. IF you are looking to meet someone - this could be your day. Just consider how easy it will be to bond over your shared contempt for V-day.

3. Time to Relax

Are you glad when this day is finally over? Relax! Prescribe yourself a bit of stillness and relaxation. A long foam bath, a massage, a day at the spa, a long meditation session - you will see that the day is going to fly by and instead of being blue you will replenish and charge your battery.

Tip No. 5 provides you with everything you need to turn a sad day into an empowering day!

4. Gratitude Cards

Why not write loving cards to friends? (Per hand, and on paper!)? Or to people you know feel lonely on V-day?

You don´t have to have sex with someone to have a reason for showing your appreciation (actually, I am not sure how much percent of married people ... um, let´s not go there (:  ).

Expressing your gratitude and sending good vibes to someone else will not only backfire in the most positive way - the people who receive your cards will be happy and thankful.

Making someone else feel good makes us feel good about ourselves. Win:Win.

And last but certainly not least:

5. Love yourself

Use coupon code VDAY2017 and treat yourself to something unique and special in my store and download your free V-day gift (a 30-minute brain entrainment session that will make you feel "whole") right NOW:

Aurorasa Coaching Gift

Friday, February 10, 2017

7 Secrets of People Who Don't Get Sick

    It is the time of the year again. But there are those people who never seem to get sick. What is their "secret"?

7 Secrets of People who do not get sick

    7 Tips to Stay Healthy

    1. Help your mucous membranes

    This time of the year is challenging for our mucous membranes. Irritated by cold and dry air, it is easier for germs to penetrate. Cigarettes smoke and alcohol pose additional stresses.

    Ideally, you have at least two alcohol-free days per week and enjoy your drinks in moderation on the other days.

    A humidifier can help to enhance the air quality during the cold time of the year. 

    2. Hygiene

    Wash your hands regularly with water and soap. Many germs are transmitted by smear infection. If you cannot wash your hands for a while, refrain from touching your face. Germs travel from door handles to your hands.

    Sanitizer is not necessary and furthermore counterproductive.

    3. Exercise in moderation

    Make sure you exercise enough, but only if you feel good. If you have a cold already, exercise would put an additional burden on your immune system.

    Enjoying a walk in the fresh air on a regular basis helps your mental well-being as well.

    4. Public Enemy Stress

    While short-term stress can help us to peak performance, constant pressure is detrimental to our immune system. 

    Why? The body produces the stress hormone cortisol, that suppresses the immune system, basically telling it to stop "fighting". 

    5. Balanced nutrition

    A nutrition reach and balanced diet help support the immune system. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins provide essential vitamins and mineral nutrients to the body. New research shows that the microbiome of the gut plays an important role in staying healthy.

    If making changes to your nutrition seems difficult to you - HERE is the only training I recommend. 

    6. Sleep enough

    Who feels tired and weak during the day should try to get more sleep. "Sleep has a huge impact on your immune system", says Natalie Riddel of "British Society for Immunology".

    The 8-hour-rule is out-of-date if you feel fit and well rested, you had enough sleep. 

    7. Loneliness

    Loneliness can make us sick too. We spend more and more time with our virtual connections, but these encounters do not have the same quality as in-person contacts. Experts recommend to leave the house and mingle with real people.

Monday, January 9, 2017

How To Uncover Fake News

Fake news has become a big problem. Made up news, most often with the intention of stirring up drama and emotions or even hatred, are not only found on the spam and populism friendly sites Facebook and Twitter.

Picture Credit:

Maybe two months ago, I found an article in my LinkedIn feed that claimed President Obama said he would not vacate the office in the case that Trump wins the election. The fake news article had about 1200 "likes" at the point when I saw it.


The German magazine Spiegel reported today that they started an investigation against a woman for making up a story about the rape of a young girl by a refugee. Germany announced that they will actively follow up on fake news and that the producers will be prosecuted.

It´s not an easy thing to regulate. What about innocent mistakes? Comedy?  Disses?

Generally, I am not a friend of sacrificing freedom for "security", but in this case, I am 100 % for applying every inch of punishment in accordance with the law to stop people who fabricate fake news with the sole purpose of creating hatred.

In times when members of the human species set refugee homes on fire and in some parts of the world people with a certain look cannot feel safe anymore; when Latinos get attacked, and Muslims beaten up, people have to stand together for what is right - even if it comes at the cost of losing a piece of freedom.

How to spot fake news:

  1. Common sense
  2. Is the source legit?
    Or is it maybe Breitbart? A few weeks ago a piece of fake news by the "Denver Guardian" went viral. There is no such thing as a "Denver Guardian" and a simple Google search would have confirmed that.

    Also ... is it a brand new site or perhaps a site with many questionable articles?
  3. Article vs Preview
    Many people do not read articles anymore. They rely on headline and preview. Shady publications use this to their advantage.

  4. Check the source
    Is it maybe a super old article or has it been "interpreted" until it was faintly reminiscent of the truth?
  5. Where is the information from?
    Check for i. e. "dpa" "reuters" or other news agencies and when in doubt, check that you find the news on their sites too.
  6. How new is the "new" video or picture? 
    Use the google reverse search:
  7. Is it comedy or satire?

Please, people, whatever your political conviction might be: Don´t become a monster worse than the one you try to hunt. 

Violence is not ok and fabricating or distributing content that might lead to violence or hatred are NOT OK. 

What would you do if you shared a piece of fake hate news that pushed an unstable person over the edge? 

I sounded angry today, but I will not apologize. That makes me smad (sad and mad).