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10 Hacks for Women After 30

30 is a wonderful age! We have some life experience, but we are still young and dynamic. We are not as broke as ten years back. Or you ... as I am already over 40.
10 Hacks for Women After 30

To have the best time of your life right now you must not forget one thing: Yourself. You have earned to treat yourself right and with care. With a scoop or two of self-love.

10 Things To Do Past Thirty

1. Upgrade your skill set

A new language, computer program or a knitting class - stagnation is the death of happiness. Learning something new motivates us and provides needed self-affirmation. Just ask yourself: Which area do I want to develop further? What hobby did I always want to explore?

2. Eat healthy

In our twenties, we tend to eat a lot of junk. The priority was: It´s convenient and tastes great. Now is the time to start taking care of your body. It´s a lifelong investment that pays off. The challenge: Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Can't you pronounce it? Then it´s not good for you. 

3. Reserve time for workout

As important as nutrition is a physical exercise. No matter what it is - make it something you enjoy. It does not have to be an hour of hardcore jogging. How about swimming? Yoga? Skating? Dancing? It´s bitter: With 30 we are not 18 anymore. 8 hours in the office are exhausting and tense us up. The workout is necessary for body and soul. Two or three times per week will do the trick. It´s worth it!

4. Indulge in small sins

One thing you should not be: Too strict with yourself. The chocolate cookie, the week without workout - little sins make life so much more enjoyable. After all, you are disciplined the rest of the time.

5. Vacation quickies

Be spontaneous! The main reason that we have the feeling that time is running faster and faster as we age is that we are trapped in a life full of unvarying duties. Defeat the stress monster by taking a spontaneous trip. To the country maybe where you can enjoy the fresh air, take a walk and get pampered in a wellness hotel. You have earned it!

6. Stay away from energy thieves and negative people

Complaining, whining, never happy. There are individuals who extract our positive energy like parasites. With 30 you should only spend your time with people you genuinely care about. At 30 we should also be brave enough to tell Debbie Downers: "Sorry, you are not right for me."

7. Be proud of yourself

The cake came out well? You did a fantastic presentation at the office? Did you lose two pounds? We should celebrate our achievements more often. No matter how small they might be. It´s too rare that we pat ourselves on the shoulder and say: "Good job. I totally killed it."

8. Fulfill a dream

Did we not have a goal, a dream that we wanted to achieve someday? Well, I have news for you: One day is NOW. Enough of putting back our dreams and desires! You should start to realize your dreams now. Else they will always stay dreams.

9. Be crazy

With 30 you are a grown up? Maybe. But that does not mean that you cannot be silly from time to time and do something crazy. This is one of best (and easiest) options to break free from everyday life. You neither need money or time to jump around like a crazy person for a minute.

10. Delegate!!!

Taking care of the kids, doing the housework and on the side working a full-time job? In all honesty: You can´t do that for too long, or it will take a toll. On your health, happiness and relationships. With 30 you should be confident enough to say: "I need help.". That is not a sign of weakness. Not knowing your limits is.

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